Perfect basketball dribbling drills for beginners and kids

Teaching young children and kids basketball dribbling skills could be a task if you do not have proper drills. The healthiest approach towards teaching, coaching, or assisting beginners would be to get the best basketball dribbling drills. Dribbling is one of the major challenges for most beginners thus; you need to understand the skills well before teaching to them. It may get embarrassing and awkward that will make your child or any beginner frustrated.

In this article, we shall help with the ways of buying a perfect basketball dribbling drills for beginners and kids. The article also covers some recommended kids basketball goal that you may take a look at for buying purposes.

Tips to introduce basketball dribbling drills to children:

  • Understand their passion and importance of sports. How do they consider the game seriously? Accordingly, you will be in a position to choose the related model or upgrade the existing drills. Modify your teachings or coaching as per the grasping power of the player.
  • Teach respect to both, the player and his opponent. That’s the most important tip to begin playing any game. Especially, the young players are raw and need your support. Thus, it is highly important that you keep their morale high while assisting them with the dribbling drills and other techniques of basketball game.
  • Find ways that create more interest in the game as children are always fascinated towards things that draw their attention. Don’t make it sound like a sport game and let the winning attitude stay aside for the time being. What’s most important is the passion to learn.

Now that you know the basic rules of teaching beginners on dribbling drills, we shall take a look at some of the best and most recommended models.

Perfect basketball dribbling drills for beginners and kids:

  1. Perfect Shooting Drill:

One of the most common dribbling drills for beginners is the shooting drill. Check the tutorial online on how to setup. As the name suggests, this is great as it teaches the correct form of shooting to the beginners.

  1. 21 Cones:

Another type of shooting drill is the 21 Cones shooting drill. It is another form of 23 cones if you have done it before. Generally, recommended for higher school kids. Every time a player hits a shot, they are rewarded a cone that belongs to their team.

  1. Dribbling Lines:

Dribbling lines come under dribbling drill. One of the simplest drills is the dribbling lines especially for beginner players. For more than 8 players, you may have to make two lines on your baseline.

  1. Dribble Knockout:

This dribble works great if you wish to teach the beginner ball-handling skills and also how to protect the dribble. In this type, players take a small space and aim to knockout the other players outside the basketball area.

  1. Scarecrow Tiggy:

Another best dribbling drill technique is the scarecrow tiggy dribbling drill. Most beginners prefer this drill as it gives amazing practice to develop ball-handling techniques. This drill begins as soon as the coach screams ‘GO’!

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Basketball Rules: How to play basketball?

basic basketball rulesBasketball is an old sport. It has always been a craze for most sports lovers. Most countries are now learning to play Basketball and compete at national and international levels. NBA (National Basketball Association) is one of the most popular Basketball leagues.

What is the objective of the game?

The main purpose of playing this amazing sport is to throw the ball into the hoop. The more balls you throw in the hoop, the more points you score. The game is played outdoors usually on a rectangular court.

As a player, one needs to learn the art of dribbling and passing the ball as the game involves more than one player. A proper Basketball game includes up to 12 players however; only 5 are allowed at a time.

Basketball works on certain rules to be followed like every other game. Let us take a look at best basketball hoop for kids before you begin playing them.

Basketball rules: How to play basketball?

  1. Per team can have up to 5 players playing live on the court. You may replace the player anytime you wish during the game. Overall, each team has 12 players including the 5 who are on the court.
  2. The technique of playing the basketball game is by dribbling the ball or simply passing the ball to the player of your team. The moment a player puts both hands on the ball, he cannot pass or dribble or move the ball anymore. He has to pass or shoot the ball in the Basketball hoop.
  3. Both the teams get 24 seconds to shoot the ball in the basket or hoop respectively. A shot is usually referred to as putting the ball into the hoop or hitting the rim. In case the shot fails in the given seconds, the round restarts to 24 seconds then.
  4. The team that is scoring by throwing the ball is called the offense at that time and the other team is known as the defense. As per the basketball game, the defense team tries to stop the offensive team by either blocking or interrupting the ball from entering the basketball hoop or basket.
  5. There are certain NOs to the Basketball game such as double dribbling, dribbling with both hands, goal tending, backcourt violation, and some more… These are not allowed during the game.
  6. There are several reaching fouls. Once the number of fouls is reached, the team is awarded a free throw. The number of fouls committed is related to the number of free throws received by a player.
  7. One of the most important Basketball game rules is that every beginner must have a proper understanding of the game, the rules of the game, techniques to play, and the tools to use.rules for kids

Once you have followed the rules well and practiced enough to be a pro, nothing can stop you from winning the game.

The most important thing is to be passionate about any game that you are playing. Keep that fire burning inside your belly to play the game.


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